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What to expect from a veterinary behavioral consult.

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What is included in a veterinary behavioral consult?

Initial appointments generally last 1-2 hours. During this time, we will review the issue, try to identify underlying causes, to help develop a unique behavior modification plan for your pet. In some cases, prescription medications may be part of the plan. Within 1 week of the consult you will receive a full written report of the findings with a specific outlined step by step treatment plan for your pet. We will send a copy of this report to your veterinarian and trainer, so we can partner together as a team to provide your pet with the best overall care. Free follow up via email or phone is available for 3 months following the initial consult.

what do we bring to our first appointment?

  • Initial Questionnaire- Before your appointment, you will be asked to fill out an extensive questionnaire. This will provide the veterinarian with important history and information prior to the appointment. Please take time to fill it out thoroughly.

  • Medical Records from your vet- It is recommended that you have a recent exam and blood work within the past month for your pet from their regular vet. Recent blood work is required before prescribing any medications. Records can be submitted via email, or a hard copy can be brought to your appointment.

  • Leash no longer than 6 ft. Retractable leashes are not allowed.

How often do we need to be seen?

Generally, after the initial consult rechecks are performed in 2-3 months. Clients generally find it useful to give updates via email or phone more frequently. In more complicated cases, more frequent rechecks may be recommended. For prescription refills, an updated exam and blood work is required.

How can i book an appointment?

Appointments can easily be booked online through our website, by emailing us to request an appointment, or call us.

How are payments made?

We accept payments via major credit cards and PayPal. An electronic receipt will be sent to you with a link for payment prior to your appointment. This system is created to minimize the impact on your pet, avoiding a checkout desk and waiting room.

When are you open?

Dr. Connolly sees appointments on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

House call appointment times vary. Please call or email us to schedule a house call.

(240) 261-8677

How much is a behavior consult?

  • Initial consult appointments in Gaithersburg are $300. House call appointments start at $400. This includes free follow up via email or phone for 3 months after the initial consult.

  • Recheck appointments start at $100. Additional fees apply for multiple pet issues such as inter-cat aggression.

  • Depending on location, additional charges may apply for house calls. We are based in Montgomery County, and are willing to travel to outside areas.

Want help with behavior modification for specific issues?

We offer one on one training for specific targeted problems such as toe nail trims, stair phobia, car phobia, and welcoming a new family member.

Where do you travel for housecalls?

Maryland- We are based out of Montgomery County, and provide services throughout MD.

Can we visit you?

Yes! We see appointments at 500 Perry Parkway, Gaithersburg, MD. We have a a private entrance directly to our spacious exam room for easy entrance/exit for our nervous and reactive patients.

What kind of progress can i expect?

Each behavior case is different for many reasons. A specific tailored behavior modification plan will be put in place. Generally we start with small steps, with a few goals in mind. Then gradually adjust goals as progress is made. We will work as quickly and efficiently to get you and your pet to a healthier mental state.

What is your cancellation policy?

Appointments can be rescheduled for free until 48 hours before the appointment. The full consultation fee will be charged if the consult is cancelled with less than 48 hour notice.